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About us

Company Overview

Radish Consultants plays a pivotal role in the world of Consulting. We were founded in 2021.

At Radish Consultants, we believe in partnering with our customers and providing them with end-to-end services and solutions that help them to achieve their holistic goals. The team at Radish Consultants works along with you and assists you to achieve your business objectives by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT environment for operational excellence.

We believe in developing our business and technology solutions based on basics, fundamentals and simplicity. Complex problems should have more complex solutions is untrue and it actually brings in entropy into the system more quickly than expected. Meticulously designed simpler solutions are robust and long lasting.

We view technology as an enabler and not a solution by itself. Customers pay for the solution, not for the proliferated technology. Experience lies in understanding carefully and correctly the customer's requirement and choosing the technology that provides the desired solution, supported by a clean and transparent governance and highest form of integrity.

The partnership mindset that we carry in serving our customers is what makes us explore every single avenue to provide them the cost savings and the best quality rather than simply assembling a complex and fanciful technology or process for a solution.

Staffing Services


We build long-lasting relationships with talents offering them continuity through successive placements, training and career development.

We help our clients develop their long-term staffing strategies and secure the employees best qualified to meet the unique challenges they face.

With our proven experience, extensive resources and integrated HR solutions we connect clients with the people they need, and people with the work they want.


When finding talents requiring a given set of professional skills, our clients must be assured that we understand their specific needs. At the same time, our associates need to feel that we can accurately represent their best interests and career development needs.

This is why we have 'experts talking' approach – a high-end specialist point of contact for our clients and associates alike. Our experts have the industry experience and know-how to work with the talent in the market and to help our clients grow.

Our associates value a supportive and highly informed advisor who can provide guidance and help them find the right job at the right time. They know that we can help them enhance their skills, experience and know-how through longer-lasting consecutive assignments at top companies.

For our clients, we are a partner who takes a consultative approach, delivering customized solutions to their needs for talent and expertise in a highly competitive world.

Our Specialties

Our experts are talking and building strong relationships with our clients and associates in the following fields:

  • DevOps
  • Big Data
  • Data Warehousing (ETL, BI)
  • ERP Technology's
  • Information Technology

Our workforce management and career transition solutions

In the life cycle of any company, there comes a moment when expertise is needed from a Human Resources partner – to outsource processes and streamline supplier relationships, to manage career transitions or to develop talents.

At Radish Consultants we have a full range of Human Resources solutions which we tailor to meet the evolving needs of our clients, large or small, around the globe.

As a Managed Services Provider, our large multinational clients increasingly call on us to manage their contingent workforce. The advantages are clear – one single point of contact, speed, an enhanced recruitment process, transparency – to name just a few.

For companies looking to outsource their recruitment process, we work with them to provide the flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution best suited to their needs. We can take care of the whole process, a part of the process or act as a partner for all their permanent recruitment needs.