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Information Management

Information Management

A method of using technology to collect, process and condense information with a goal of efficient management. The primary technologies needed are contained in a set of modeling tools that either have or interface to a production-worthy repository where the information is stored and managed. The repository and tools must be capable of receiving information in a "top-down," "bottom-up" or "middle-out" evolutionary manner.

In today's knowledge economy, organizations that can't properly utilize their information assets risk serious failure. Information management is an emerging field that is concerned with:

  • The infrastructure used to collect, manage, preserve, store and deliver information
  • The guiding principles that allow information to be available to the right people at the right time.
  • The view that all information, both digital and physical, is an asset that requires proper management.
  • The organizational and social contexts in which information exists

The purpose of information management is to:

  • Design, Develop, Manage, and use information with insight and innovation
  • Support decision making and create value for individuals, organizations, communities, and societies.

The Radish Consultants helps you develop a deep understanding of the users of information and the organizational and social goals information management serves. As a result, you are equipped to use information both as a competitive tool and a means to create positive organizational change.