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In a time, when continuous evolution is the only way to stay ahead of the curve, DevOps can bring in immense value by streamlining IT through synergizing your business, development and operation processes.

Your entire delivery pipeline can benefit from embracing a well-suited DevOps approach. It can not only improve your deployment frequency for a faster time to market, but also lower the rate of failure of new releases, and reduce the lead time between fixes, thereby accelerating your time to recovery.

As a digital-first organization, we offer valuable differentiators to help your organization derive maximum results from your digital assets. DevOps can help make simple processes dynamic and help in maximizing operational efficiency and predictability, while improving security.

Our DevOps services and solutions include:

Continuous Testing

What good is software if it doesn’t work during game time? In today’s universe of rapid product design and multiplying platforms, you need a powerhouse testing capability to roll with the punches. We can partner with you to build or strengthen your automated testing strategy and capabilities, so you can shift left and run faster. Or, if you need pure capacity help during a spike, we do that, too. So when the big game starts, you’re ready for the action.

Orchestrate Speed

An ecosystem of advanced technology can accelerate your pace but all the components must fit your unique culture. DevOps isn’t just about tools; it’s about people and process. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to evolving your organization and talent alongside your technology. Together, we’ll build a world-class infrastructure that runs at the speed of ambition.

Application Transformation

Accelerate customer delight. Moving from monolithic code bases to next-gen architecture gives you the flexibility to release features as soon as they’re ready without compromising stability and security. From microservices and container architecture to cloud-native development, we can help you future-proof your applications.

Agile Transformation

Your development team is the heart of your digital product organization. Are they working on the right goals at the pace you need to compete? Full Agile adoption helps development teams focus on what matters while working faster. But understanding Agile practices and adapting to the change requires more than training. We can help you accelerate your Agile transformation with coaching, organizational design and change management that fits your needs. Consider it custom collaboration.

DevOps and CI/CD

Your customers want more and better features. An automated software development pipeline will help you deliver them faster, but DevOps is key to building smarter. True DevOps is nothing less than full-scale culture transformation, uniting and empowering your development and infrastructure teams to deploy code at high speed. It shifts testing, provisioning, and risk and compliance earlier in the development cycle, optimizing security and performance from the start. We’re true DevOps practitioners, ready to work side by side with you to transform your organization, culture and skills. We’ll help you break down barriers and build full-stack capabilities to compete in an agile world.