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Application Development

Application Development

Our Application Development practice specializes in services that span the full software development lifecycle. Through our commitment to superior customer service and a personal dedication to helping our clients achieve success.

Our capabilities include:

  • Application assessment
  • Custom application development
  • Application migration
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Mobile application development
  • Web/portal/content management systems development

Our unique version of application maintenance also adds value by reducing costs. By placing the maintenance of your mission critical applications in Radish Consultants experienced hands, you will be left with precious time to focus on fresh business ideas.

The demands on today's applications are changing. They need to exchange data with other systems on public cloud, private cloud, and traditional systems. And they must be capable of running on touch devices of all shapes and sizes so that people can perform business tasks on-the-go. The way in which work gets done is changing how business applications are developed. That's where Radish Consultants Application Development can help.

Radish Consultants works directly with customers to overcome today's challenges, combining the right technologies and skill sets. We approach enterprise application development by putting the user experience front and center. Our Application Managed Services give you the option of allowing Radish Consultants to manage the applications you create using a business-centric service level agreement designed to surpass in-house service, at a lower cost.